Achieving Success Where Others Have Failed


Seller: Private Investors | Unit Count: 8 | Price: $1,750,000 | Expertise: Value Add


THG was retained by a local operator to sell their eight-unit, bungalow style apartment community in Koreatown with in-place rents 40% below market levels. After two unsuccessful marketing campaigns, the property had a negative perception in the marketplace which created an uphill challenge for THG Multifamily, with many investors having already been exposed to the opportunity.


THG crafted a marketing strategy which:

  • Highlighted the value-add story which had not been comprehensively addressed in the previous marketing campaign. After conducting an in depth rent survey which included a property-by-property approach, THG concluded that market rents could be raised $150-$200 higher than what the previous listing brokers were advising.

  •  Implemented a 45-day, well-coordinated marketing campaign that exposed the property to THG’s proprietary database of investors, many of whom had not seen the listing.

  • Cooperated with the entire investor and brokerage community and ultimately closed escrow with a buyer who was represented by a local real estate agent.


By doing a deep dive into the rental market and understanding the true premiums for renovated bungalow style units, THG was able to unlock additional value for its client and close escrow with 1% of List Price.

Chapin Herman